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Anthropology | Mark Mansperger

Ph.D., Washington State University
Professor, Career Track



Research Interests:

Keywords: Political Economy, Cultural Change, Contemporary American Social Problems, and Human Evolution

I have enjoyed teaching a wide variety of courses since coming to WSU-TC.  It is a pleasure for me to develop and deliver new classes in the myriad of possibilities provided by the broad field on Anthropology.  Although primarily a Cultural Anthropologist, I also delve into Linguistics and Biological Anthropology quite often and stay current on paleo-anthropological discoveries.  I have not completely departed from my original training in Economics, however, for my research interests currently include Political Economy.  I study comparative economic system, globalization, and threats to democracy.  In this regard, I’ve published numerous columns in the Tri-City Herald, as well as several articles with other periodicals and newspapers.  When able, I give guest presentations at local schools, in addition to speeches, panel presentations, and interviews for regional news networks and political organizations.

Lived, taught, and worked in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles prior to returning to Washington.




ANTH 101

Introduction to Anthropology Explores what it means to be human through the major subfields of anthropology, including biological anthropology (human evolution and variation.

ANTH 260

Introduction to Biological Anthropology  Evidence for human evolution; evolutionary explanations of human variation; techniques of biological anthropology.

ANTH 305

Anthropology of Epidemic Disease and Bioterrorism Cross-cultural understanding of how humans respond to epidemics, including high mortality diseases, diseases common in the developing world, and diseases that pose future threats.

ANTH 309

Cultural Ecology  Major findings of ecological anthropology relating to problems of population, resources, and environment in small-scale cultures.

ANTH 320

Native Peoples of North America A holistic exploration of various indigenous peoples and cultures of North America, through the lens of anthropology.



Contact Information

CIC 125P
(509) 372-7383

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