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Internship Information


The Department of Anthropology has an established internship course, ANTH 498 Anthropology Internship. It is a variable credit course (1 – 15 semester hours and may be repeated for a cumulative maximum of 30 semester hours). The Department encourages students to participate as an archaeological or cultural anthropological intern with the public (local, state, Federal) or private sectors. The prerequisite for this course is having junior or senior level standing. This course does require special arrangements with an anthropology faculty adviser as well as a completed course agreement form.


Department of Anthropology Internships and Independent Study Opportunities


Opportunities Available in Pullman and Central Africa for WSU Undergraduate Students

Under the direction of Dr. Courtney Meehan

Several internship opportunities are available for Anthropology and Non-Anthropology majors. Research is broadly focused on the evolution of childhood, cooperative breeding, child development, maternal reproduction, and family health. Interns will assist with data entry and analysis. There may also be opportunities for training in research methods. Please review document listed for additional information Research/Internship with Dr. Courtney Meehan.

Please contact Dr. Meehan for more information.



Archaeological Research in the Mesa Verde Region

Under the direction of Dr. Tim Kohler

(1 undergraduate internship available)

Dr. Kohler is looking for 1 undergraduate Anthropology major to participate in the survey in the Mesa Verde region. Interested students should contact Dr. Kohler for additional information. This potential opportunity would require students to work closely with Dr. Kohler to apply for the NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates Award.



Cross-Cultural Patterns of Childhood and Caregiving       

Under the direction of Dr. Courtney Meehan

(1 internship available)

The undergraduate research assistant will participate in two active research projects exploring the cross-cultural patterns of child behavior and child care. The research will focus on data collected on the Aka tropical forest foragers in the Central African Republic and on date form the U.S. There are also field opportunities for interested students. Please contact Dr. Meehan for additional information.


For answers to any questions not covered in these pages please email, call or write to us:

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