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Anthropology | Mackenzie J. Cory

Ph.D., Indiana University
Assistant Professor, Career Track




Research Interests

Northwest Plains, stone circles (tipi rings), childhood, play, Indigenous landscapes, U.S. boarding schools, GIS modeling, lithic transport, peopling of the Americas, public archaeology (education)


Anth 101: Introduction to Anthropology

Anth 230: Archaeological Methods and Interpretation

Selected Publications

2023    Herrmann, Edward W., and Mackenzie J. Cory. Early Paleoindian Mobility and Lithic Resource Use in Indiana. In Colonization, Aggregation, and Caribou Hunting: Early Paleoindian Mobility and Interaction in the Upper Midcontinent of North America, edited by Brad H. Koldehoff and Henry T. Wright, Chapter 8. Texas A&M Press, College Station. (In Press)

2020    Cory, Mackenzie J. Playing with method: Testing one approach towards identifying the places of past children. Evolutionary Human Sciences 3:e1.

2016    Kornfeld, Marcel, Mary Lou Larson, Yung-Jo Lee, Jong-yoon Woo, and Mackenzie Cory (Editors). Program and Proceedings of the 21st Suyanggae and Her Neighbors International Symposium: Suyanggae and Hell Gap: Pleistocene-Holocene Archaeology from the Cape of Good Hope to Tierra del Fuego. 26 July – 3 August, 2016. Paleoindian Research Lab, Department of Anthropology, University of Wyoming.

Contact Information

College Hall 338