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Anthropology | Bob Ackerman Endowed Graduate Fellowship

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A Note from Bea and David Taylor: Original Fellowship Donors

We were graduate students in the Anthropology Department in the 1960’s, and Robert Ackerman was our major professor. He gave us the opportunity to do field work in Alaska, and we treasure these experiences. The Anthropology Department gave us financial assistance which allowed us to pursue our graduate studies. We wish to give back, hence this endowment. We want to honor Dr. Ackerman by helping other anthropology students with their research projects in aspects that are not funded now. We encourage others to also give back by adding to this fund so that more students can benefit.

Description of Fellowship

This award is given to a graduate student of outstanding professional promise in archaeology, especially those students conducting research in regions encompassed by the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Siberia. The distributions from this endowment fund may be used by the recipient for such things including but not limited to tuition and fees, subsistence, research expenses, and other educationally related costs. (By faculty nomination, no application.)