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Anthropology | Harvey “Pete” Rice Memorial Scholarship

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Dr. Harvey S. “Pete” Rice was born in 1934 in Walla Walla, Washington.  After high school he spent some time at Grays Harbor Community College and in the United States Army. He enrolled in Washington State University in 1958 with Dick Daugherty as his mentor.  During his time at WSU, he took part in many important archaeological projects, including the work at Marmes Rockshelter and Ozette sites. In 1984, he completed his Ph.D.

Throughout his career Pete played an essential role in creating archaeological and cultural resources management as a noteworthy discipline in the Pacific Northwest.  He was both a researcher and advocate in his work with the Wanapum. Also, he helped construct a successful model for Tribal participation in cultural resources programs across the Columbia River system.

Pete’s work spanned from the Southern Plateau to the Coast.  This scholarship was established to help graduate students with similar interests in the Pacific Northwest complete their research and continue Pete’s work.

Description of Scholarship

This award is given to an expectional graduate student (either MA or PhD) specializing in Archaeology with priority going to a student interested in cultural resource management in the Pacific Northwest. (By faculty nomination, no application.)