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Anthropology | Janet Friedman Memorial Fellowship

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This Fellowship was created by the family and friends of Dr. Janet Friedman to honor her legacy. Janet Friedman was an influential leader in the field of archaeology and an all-around incredible woman. Janet received her Ph.D. in Anthropology from WSU in 1975 and became a pioneer for women in the field of archaeology. She has managed and participated in 46 separate scientific studies performed for state and federal government projects, from her early explorations with Richard Daugherty at the seminal Ozette archaeological site in the Pacific Northwest to her later inspired work in cultural resource management. Dr. Friedman was a recognized expert in environmental resource management, in the public’s involvement with archaeology and historic preservation, and in the implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act. She was a respected member of the Society for American Archaeology, the Women’s Council on Energy and the Environment, and the Mid-Atlantic Archaeological Conference. And, perhaps most important to her in the later years as she battled leukemia, she was a mentor, a guide, a sounding board, and a friend for dozens of women who followed her into the field of archaeology and anthropology. This Fund is designed to supply a fraction of the assistance that she provided and to keep alive the memory of this remarkable woman.

Description of Scholarship

This award is given to an exceptional graduate student specializing in Archaeology with priority going to a female student interested in cultural resource management and/or pursuing a PhD. (By faculty nomination, no application.)