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Anthro News Newsletter

Department of Anthropology, College of Arts and Sciences, Washington State University.

Message from the Chair

Fall/Winter 2020-21

Dear Alumni & Friends,

The last year has been a challenge for everyone as the pandemic unfolded and all that it entailed became clearer, impacting our faculty, staff and students, as it has everyone else. Our department has been saddened by the passing of colleagues, yet we were heartened by welcoming four new faculty members to Pullman. Research plans were paused or altered, but new research directions and projects have emerged. The number of anthropology majors in our Global campus BA grew appreciably and several of our students completed and defended their MA and Ph.D. degrees over the past year. We maintain an active social media presence and welcome you to see what our faculty and students are doing through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

We look forward to being able to again host in-person speakers and guests, such as the annual William D. Lipe Visiting Scholar in Archaeological Method and Theory. Donations to the Anthropology Excellence Fund support bringing scholars to campus to speak in our Colloquium series, the activities of our Undergraduate Anthropology Club, and to support faculty and student research. If you are interested in supporting Anthropology, you can find a donation link at the bottom left of our webpage (, where there are several options to choose from. If you have any questions about support or the department, please feel free to contact me (

Andrew Duff, Chair