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John Blong

2019       Regional Stratigraphy and Human Occupation of the Upper Susitna River Basin, Central Alaska Range. Geoarchaeology 34(4):380-399.

Blong, John C., Martin E. Adams, Gabriel Sanchez, Dennis L. Jenkins, Ian D. Bull, Lisa-Marie Shillito.
2020       Investigation of Younger Dryas and early Holocene subsistence in the northern Great Basin through multiproxy analysis of coprolites from the Paisley Caves, Oregon, USA. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 12:224.

Shillito, Lisa-Marie, John C. Blong, Eleanor J. Green, Eline N. van Asperen.
2020       The what, how and why of human coprolite analysis in archaeology. Earth Science Reviews 207:103196.

Shillito, Lisa-Marie, Helen L. Whelton, John C. Blong, Dennis L. Jenkins, Thomas J. Connolly, Ian D. Bull.
2020       Pre-Clovis occupation of the Americas identified by human faecal biomarkers in coprolites from Paisley Caves, Oregon. Science Advances 6(29):eaba6404.

Aaron Blackwell

Hove, C, Trumble, BC, Anderson, A, Stieglitz, J, Kaplan, H, Gurven, M, Blackwell, AD.
2020       Flexibility of fetal tolerance: Immune function during pregnancy varies between ecologically distinct populations, Evolution, Medicine & Public Health, Volume 2020, Issue 1, DOI: 10.1093/emph/eoaa022. Dataset:

Broesch, T, Crittenden, AN, Beheim, BA, Blackwell, AD, Bunce, JA, Colleran, H, Hagel, K, Kline, M, McElreath, R, Nelson, RG, Pisor, AC, Prall, S, Pretelli, I, Purzycki, B, Quinn, EA, Ross, C, Scelza, B, Starkweather, K, Stieglitz, J, Borgerhoff Mulder, M.
2020       Navigating cross-cultural research: methodological and ethical considerations. Proc. R. Soc. B 287: 20201245.

Garcia, AR, Trumble, BC, Kraft, T, Murillo, S, Marquez, M, Gurven, M, Blackwell, AD.
2020       Does exposure to parasites modify relationships between diurnal cortisol and leukocytes among Honduran women? American Journal of Physical Anthropology. Early view DOI:10.1002/ajpa.24110

Garcia, AR, Blackwell, AD, Trumble, BC, Stieglitz, J, Cortez Linares, E, Kaplan, H, Gurven, M.
2020       Evidence for height and immune function tradeoffs among preadolescents in a high pathogen population, Evolution, Medicine & Public Health, 2020(1). DOI: 10.1093/emph/eoaa017

Alami, S, von Rueden, C, Seabright, E, Kraft, T, Blackwell, AD, Stieglitz, J, Kaplan, H, Gurven, M.
2020       Mother’s social status is associated with child health in a horticulturalist population, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, B 287:20192783. DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2019.2783. Dataset:

Julia Cassaniti

Lesley Weaver and Bonnie Kaiser (Eds)
2019       “Keeping It Together: Idioms of Resilience and Distress in Thai Buddhist Mindlessness.” Transcultural Psychiatry, 56(4), 697-719. Part of a Special Issue on Idioms of Distress.

Colin Grier

At the start of 2020, I formally shifted my academic base from Pullman to the Vancouver campus of WSU. There are great advantages to being located in one’s primary study area, and I look forward to developing a strong archaeology program here that incorporates the rich Indigenous histories of the Lower Columbia. I am also engaged in building WSU’s role in the long-standing Fort Vancouver archaeological field-school. While I will miss the rolling hills and open skies of the Palouse, I am happy to be in the land of majestic mountains, towering forests and ocean breezes.

Ames, Kenneth M. and Colin Grier
2020       Inequality on the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America measured by house-floor area and storage capacity. Antiquity 94(376):1042-1059.

Furholt, Martin, Colin Grier, Matthew Spriggs and Timothy Earle
2020       Political Economy in the Archaeology of Emergent Complexity: a Synthesis of Bottom-Up and Top-Down Approaches. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 27:157-191

Ed Hagen

Hagen EH and Sugiyama, LS.
2020       In Memoriam: Napoleon A. Chagnon (1938–2019). Human Nature.

Garfield ZH and Hagen EH.
2020       Investigating evolutionary models of leadership among recently settled Ethiopian hunter-gatherers. The Leadership Quarterly, 31, 101290.

Placek CD, Magnan RE, Srinivas V, Jaykrishna P, Ravi K, Khan A, Madhivanan P and Hagen EH.
2020       The impact of information about tobacco-related reproductive vs. general health risks on South Indian women’s tobacco use decisions. Evolutionary Human Sciences, e4.

Syme KL and Hagen EH.
2020       Mental health is biological health: Why tackling “diseases of the mind” is an imperative for biological anthropology in the 21st century. Yearbook of Physical Anthropology.

Mehr S, Krasnow M, Bryant G, Hagen EH.
2020       Origins of music in credible signaling. Behavioral and Brain Sciences.

Garfield ZH, Syme KL, Hagen EH.
2020       Universal and variable leadership dimensions across human societies. Evolution and Human Behavior, 41, 397–414.

Barry Hewlett

Hewlett. B.S., Hudson, J., Boyette, A.H., and H.N. Fouts
2019       Intimate living: Sharing space among Aka and other hunter-gatherers. In Towards a Broader View of Hunter-Gatherer Sharing, N. Lavi and D. Friesem, eds. McDonald
Institute Monographs, Cambridge University, pp. 39-56.

Lew-Levy, S., Kissler, S., Boyette, A.H., Crittenden, A.N., Mabala, I.A.M., and B.S. Hewlett
2019       Who teaches children to forage? Exploring the primacy of child-to-child teaching among Hadza and BaYaka hunter-gatherers of Tanzania and Congo. Evolution and Human Behavior 41:12-22;

Lew-Levy, S., Boyette, A.H., Crittenden, A.N., Hewlett, B.S., Lamb, M.E.
2019       Gender-typed and gender-segregated play among Tanzanian Hadza and Congolese BaYaka hunter-gatherer children and adolescents. Child Development 91: 1294-1301.

Lew-Levy, S. Crittenden, A.N., Boyette, A.H., Mabulla, I.A., Hewlett, B.S., Lamb, M.E.
2019       Inter- and intra-cultural variation in learning through participation among Hadza and BaYaka forager children and adolescents from Tanzania and the Republic of Congo. Journal of Psychology in Africa 29: 309-318.

Bonnie Hewlett

2020      Social learning and innovation in adolescence: A comparative study of Aka and Chabu hunter-gatherers of Central and Eastern Africa. Human Nature: An Interdisciplinary Biosocial Perspective.

Rachel A. Horowitz

Horowitz, R. A., M. A. Canuto, and C. Andrieu
2020      The Role of Elites in Utilitarian Good Distribution: Case studies from the Northwestern Peten, Guatemala and Western Belize. In The Real Business of Ancient Maya Exchange.  Marilyn A. Masson, David A. Freidel, and Arthur A. Demarest, eds., pp 117-131. University of Florida Press, Tallahassee.

Horowitz, R. A. and D. J. Watt
2020      Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Gunflint Assemblages: Understanding Use, Trade, and Variability in the Southeastern United States. International Journal of Historic Archaeology 24(1): 95-114.

Horowitz, R. A., M. K. Brown, J. Yaeger, and B. Cap
2020      Ritual Lithic Deposits: Preclassic Precursors to Classic Period Traditions in the Upper Belize River Valley, Belize. Research Reports in Belizean Archaeology 17: 287-295.

Horowitz, R. A.
2020      Between Rocks and the Maya: The Necessity of Comparative Approaches with Respect to Lithics, Methodologies, and Theoretical Frameworks. The SAA Archaeological Record 20(1): 18-21.

Tim Kohler

Timothy A. Kohler, and Marcy Rockman
2020   The IPCC: A Primer for Archaeologists. American Antiquity 85(4):627–651 doi:10.1017/aaq.2020.68

Shin, Jaeweon, Michael H. Price, David H. Wolpert, Hajime Shimao, Brendan Tracey, and Timothy A. Kohler [corresponding]
2020   Scale and information-processing thresholds in Holocene social evolution. Nature Communications 10.1038/s41467-020-16035-9.

Xu, Chi, Timothy A. Kohler, Timothy M. Lenton , Jens-Christian Svenning, and Marten Scheffer
2020   Future of the human climate niche. PNAS

Jeannette Mageo

Jeannette Mageo and Robin Sheriff (eds.)
2020       New Directions in the Anthropology of Dreaming, New York: Routledge.

Courtney Meehan

Helfrecht C, Roulette JW, Lane A, Sintayehu B, Meehan CL.
2020       Life history and socioecology of infancy. American Journal of Physical Anthropology. doi: 10.1002/ajpa.24145. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 32955732.

Lackey KA, Pace RM, Williams JE, Bode L, Donovan SM, Järvinen KM, Seppo AE, Raiten DJ, Meehan CL, McGuire MA, McGuire MK.
2020       SARS‐CoV‐2 and human milk: What is the evidence?. Maternal & Child Nutrition. 11:e13032.

Ruiz L, García Carral C, Checa MA, Mínguez J, Legarra C, McGuire MK, Meehan CL, Bode L, Fernández L, Espinosa Martos I, Rodríguez JM.
2020       Proyecto internacional INSPIRE. ¿Qué es normal en la leche humana (II). Compuestos inmunológicos solubles. Acta Pediátrica Española, ISSN 0001-6640, 78 (1-2): 38-46.

McGuire MK, Meehan CL, Ruiz L, Mínguez J, Legarra K, Checa MA, Manzano S, Fernández L, Rodríguez JM, Bode L, Consorcio INSPIRE.
2019       Proyecto internacional INSPIRE. ¿Qué es normal en la leche humana? (I). Oligosacáridos de la leche humana. Acta Pediátrica Española, ISSN 0001-6640, 77(11-12): 188-195.

Anne Pisor

Broesch, T., Crittenden, A.N., Beheim, B.A., Blackwell, A.D., Bunce, J.A., Colleran, H., Hagel, K., Kline, M., McElreath, R., Nelson, R.G., Pisor, A.C., et al.
2020       Navigating cross-cultural research: Methodological and ethical considerations. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 287, 20201245. doi: 10.1098/rspb.2020.1245

Curtin, C.M., Barrett, C., Bolyanatz, A., Crittenden, A., Fessler, D.M.T., Fitzpatrick, S., Gurven, M., Kanovsky, M., Kushnick, G., Laurence, S., Pisor, A., et al.
2020       Kinship intensity and the use of mental states in moral judgment across societies. Evolution & Human Behavior, 41(5), 415-429. doi: 10.1016/j.evolhumbehav.2020.07.002. Data and code.

Pisor, A.C., Gervais, M.M., Purzycki, B.G., & Ross, C.T.
2020       Preferences and constraints: The value of economic games for studying human behavior. Royal Society Open Science 7(6), 7192090. doi: 10.1098/rsos.192090. Data and code.

Lucchesi, S., Janmaat, K., Cheng, L., Mundry, R., Pisor, A., & Surbeck, M.
2020       Beyond the group: How food, mates and group size influence inter-group encounters in wild bonobos. Behavioral Ecology 31(2), 519-532. doi: 10.1093/beheco/arz214. Data.

Pisor – Grants

2021       NSF Senior Research Award #2020501 ($395,425). Role: PI.
2020       SESYNC (Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center) Workshop Grant. Role: PI.

Luke Premo

2020       Population size limits the coefficient of variation in continuous traits affected by proportional copying error (and why this matters for studying cultural transmission). Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory.

Ranhorn, K. L., J. Pargeter, L. S. Premo, et al.
2020       Investigating the evolution of human social learning through collaborative experimental archaeology. Evolutionary Anthropology 29:53-55.

Marsha Quinlan

Subbiah, M., Caudell, M. A., Mair, C., Davis, M. A., Matthews, L., Quinlan, R. J., Quinlan, M. B., Lyimo, B., Buza, J., Keyyu, J., Call, D. R.
2020       Antimicrobial-resistant Enteric Bacteria Are Widely Distributed amongst People, Animals and the Environment in Northern Tanzania. Nature Communications, 11(228).

Thiel, AM; Quinlan, MB
2020       Maya Medicinal Fruit Trees: Q’eqchi’ Homegarden Remedies. Economic Botany 75(1): Doi: 10.1007/s12231-020-09506-z.

Chambers, Jaime, Marsha B. Quinlan, Alexis Evans, and Robert J. Quinlan.
2020       Dog-Human Coevolution: Cross-Cultural Analysis of Multiple Hypotheses. Journal of Ethnobiology 40 (4): 414-433.

Shannon Tushingham

2020     The Ordered Anarchy Frontier: Storage, Sedentism, and the Evolution of Plank House Villages in the Southern Pacific Northwest Coast. Cowboy Ecology: Essays in Honor of R.L Bettinger, edited by Michael G. Delacorte, Terry L. Jones, and Roshanne S. Bakhtiary, pp. 49-69. Center for Archaeological Research at Davis Monograph 19.

Helmer, Emily, and Shannon Tushingham
2020     Human-Environmental Dynamics in The High Rock Country of Oregon’s Warner Valley: A Landscape View of Persistent Places in The Northern Great Basin Uplands. Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology.

Lipe, William, Shannon Tushingham, Eric Blinman, Laurie Webster, Charles T. LaRue, Aimee Oliver-Bozeman (UG), Jonathan Till
2020     Staying Warm in the Upland Southwest: A “Supply Side” View of Turkey Feather Blanket Production. Journal of Archaeological Science Reports.

Brownstein, Korey J., Shannon Tushingham, William J. Damitio, Tung Nguyen, David R. Gang
2020      An ancient residue metabolomics-based method to distinguish use of closely related plant species in ancient pipes. Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences.

Tushingham, Shannon, and Tiffany Fulkerson
2020     Who Writes the Past? The Evolving Gender and Professional Landscape of Great Basin Archaeology (1954–2018). In: With Grit and Determination: A Century of Change for Women in Great Basin and American Archaeology, edited by Suzanne Eskenazi and Nicole M. Herzog. University of Utah Press.

Tushingham, Shannon, Jelmer W. Eerkens, Anna Berim, Korey J. Brownstein, and David R. Gang
2020     Age and Gender Dynamics of Tobacco Use: Residue Analysis of Dental Calculus and Archaeological Pipes. In Protohistoric Village Organization and Territorial Maintenance: The Archaeology of Síi Túupentak (CA-ALA-565/H) in the San Francisco Bay Area, by Brian F. Byrd, Laurel Engbring, Michael Darcangelo and Allika Ruby, pp. 345-358. Center for Archaeological Research at Davis Monograph 20.

Clare Wilkinson

Sofia Pantouvaki, Peter McNeil (Eds).
2020       Spinning Yarns: Locating, Learning and Listening in the Social World of Popular Hindi Film Costume Production. In Performance CostumeNew Perspectives and Methods, New York: Bloomsbury. Digital version.

In A. I. Vishwamohan & C. M. Wilkinson (Eds.),
2020       Stardom in Hindi Film. Springer.