Recent MA and PhD graduates

Master’s and doctoral degree recipients, committee chairs and thesis or dissertation titles

Fall 2018

Adams, Jacob; PhD, Chair: William Andrefsky

Tis the Season: An Experimental Examination of Toolkit Variability, Late Pleistocene – Early Holocene Interior Alaska

Jung, Chaise; MA, Chair: Jeannette Mageo

Considering Cultural Contact: Psychosocial Identity in the Kingdom of Tonga

You, Yawei; MA, Chair: Steve Weber

Climate Change, Agriculture and Human Adaption at the Indus Site of Harappa

Spring 2019

Casillas, Emily; PhD, Chair: Jeannette Mageo

La Manta and La Clinica: Raising Children in a Limeno Migrant Community

Fulgham, Samantha; MA, Chair: Colin Grier

Hearth and Home: Paleobotanical and Zooarchaeological Analysis of Thirteen Bulk Soil Samples from DGRV-006 Galiano Island, British Columbia

Gaffney, Michael; MA, Chair: Ed Hagen

The Impact of Emotional Signals on Perceived Need and Propensity to Help

Helmer, Emily; MA, Chair: Shannon Tushingham

Places of Practice: Interpreting Settlement Patterns and Persistent Places in Southern Oregon

Karimitar, Arian; MA, Chair: Jeannette Mageo

Mourning Rituals and Their Psychological Meanings in Iranian Culture

Roulette, Jennifer; PhD, Chair: Marsha Quinlan

Ethnobiology, Illness Perceptions, and Health Education Among Maasai Children in Northern Tanzania

Sheets, Kimberly: MA, Chair: Andrew Duff

Sourcing Nonlocal Bighorn Sheep Using Strontium Isotope Analysis, Homol’ovi Settlement Cluster, Northeast Arizona

Smith, Caroline; MA, Chair: Ed Hagen

Psychological Pain and Life History: Examining Predictors of Postpartum Depression in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)

Weber, Daphne; MA, Chair: Julia Cassaniti

Good Feelings and the Buddha: Healing in a Thai Bhikkhuni Monastery

Zena, Ashenafi; PhD, Chair: Andrew Duff

Megalithic Stele Monuments of Gedeo, South Ethiopia

Zhao, Xinyi; MA, Chair: Julia Cassaniti

Interpreting Madness in Northern Thailand: Conceptualization of Health and Illness for an Interdependently-Oriented Porosity of Mind

Summer 2019

Garfield, Zachary; PhD, Chair: Ed Hagen

Leadership, Prestige, and Social Learning Across Traditional Societies