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Anthro News Newsletter

Department of Anthropology, College of Arts and Sciences, Washington State University.

Recent MA and PhD graduates

Master’s and doctoral degree recipients, committee chairs and thesis or dissertation titles

Fall 2018

Adams, Jacob; PhD, Chair: William Andrefsky

Tis the Season: An Experimental Examination of Toolkit Variability, Late Pleistocene – Early Holocene Interior Alaska

Jung, Chaise; MA, Chair: Jeannette Mageo

Considering Cultural Contact: Psychosocial Identity in the Kingdom of Tonga

You, Yawei; MA, Chair: Steve Weber

Climate Change, Agriculture and Human Adaption at the Indus Site of Harappa

Spring 2019

Casillas, Emily; PhD, Chair: Jeannette Mageo

La Manta and La Clinica: Raising Children in a Limeno Migrant Community

Fulgham, Samantha; MA, Chair: Colin Grier

Hearth and Home: Paleobotanical and Zooarchaeological Analysis of Thirteen Bulk Soil Samples from DGRV-006 Galiano Island, British Columbia

Gaffney, Michael; MA, Chair: Ed Hagen

The Impact of Emotional Signals on Perceived Need and Propensity to Help

Helmer, Emily; MA, Chair: Shannon Tushingham

Places of Practice: Interpreting Settlement Patterns and Persistent Places in Southern Oregon

Karimitar, Arian; MA, Chair: Jeannette Mageo

Mourning Rituals and Their Psychological Meanings in Iranian Culture

Roulette, Jennifer; PhD, Chair: Marsha Quinlan

Ethnobiology, Illness Perceptions, and Health Education Among Maasai Children in Northern Tanzania

Sheets, Kimberly: MA, Chair: Andrew Duff

Sourcing Nonlocal Bighorn Sheep Using Strontium Isotope Analysis, Homol’ovi Settlement Cluster, Northeast Arizona

Smith, Caroline; MA, Chair: Ed Hagen

Psychological Pain and Life History: Examining Predictors of Postpartum Depression in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)

Weber, Daphne; MA, Chair: Julia Cassaniti

Good Feelings and the Buddha: Healing in a Thai Bhikkhuni Monastery

Zena, Ashenafi; PhD, Chair: Andrew Duff

Megalithic Stele Monuments of Gedeo, South Ethiopia

Zhao, Xinyi; MA, Chair: Julia Cassaniti

Interpreting Madness in Northern Thailand: Conceptualization of Health and Illness for an Interdependently-Oriented Porosity of Mind

Summer 2019

Garfield, Zachary; PhD, Chair: Ed Hagen

Leadership, Prestige, and Social Learning Across Traditional Societies