Anthropology Graduate Organization News

The 2018-2019 academic year was productive and rewarding for the Anthropology Graduate Organization!

Thanks to the efforts of last year’s leadership, it was a banner year for AGO. Much appreciation to the following for their efforts:

Emily Whistler – president
Sam Fulgham – vice president
Andrew Gillreath-Brown – treasurer

And a huge thank you to our stream representatives for attending faculty meetings and keeping AGO up to date with new information:

Caroline Smith – evolutionary anthropology
Daphne Weber – cultural anthropology
Katie Richards – archaeology

In 2018–19, AGO was active in engaging with the community through the facilitation of fundraisers. AGO organized a campus-wide food and coat drive for Alternatives to Violence on the Palouse. This event was so successful, we plan to do it again this year!

Additionally, AGO hosted various movie nights to attract undergraduates potentially interested in becoming anthropology majors or minors. Finally, AGO planned breakfast events for prospective graduate students while they were visiting Pullman.

If you would like AGO to participate in an event, please email us at

Group photo.
Beatrice Caffe, Lori Phillips, Daphne Weber, and Caroline Smith
Award of Excellence.
AGO was honored with the WSU Award of Excellence for outstanding performance as a Graduate and Professional Student Association in 2017-18.