Alumnus Profile

Hillary N. Fouts, PhD

Hillary N. Fouts.
HIllary N. Fouts, left, conducting a field interview.

Dr. Hillary N. Fouts in the field Hillary Fouts is the new dean of graduate studies and research and a professor of psychological sciences at Western Oregon University (WOU). She earned her PhD in cultural anthropology at Washington State University in 2002. After graduate school, she moved to the eastern U.S. and spent four years as a post-doctoral fellow at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in the Section on Social and Emotional Development. In 2006, she joined the faculty at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK) as an assistant professor in the Child and Family Studies Department. She went through the tenure-track at UTK and became a professor in 2018. After 14 years at UTK, she returned to the Pacific Northwest for her new position at WOU.

Fouts’s research is trans-disciplinary and draws methodologically and theoretically from cultural and biological anthropology, developmental psychology, family science, and public health. She has conducted funded research among children and families in rural and urban contexts of Central and East Africa since the late 1990s, as well as among underserved and underrepresented populations in the U.S. since 2005. Her main research interests are centered on parenting and child social–emotional development, children’s social learning and play, and infant/childcare, health, and feeding.

Recent publications

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