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Rodrigo de los Santos

Rodrigo De los Santos

Since graduating from WSU in 2016 with an MA in Anthropology, I went back to Yucatan where I have been working as an adviser for EducationUSA, a U.S. Department of State network of international advising centers. I have been helping Mexican students apply to undergraduate and graduate programs in the U.S.

Through my work, I employ an anthropological perspective to guide students through the process of awareness about the cultural differences between our country and the U.S. This has been a challenging but fulfilling experience. Given the current geopolitical environment of U.S.–Mexico relations, cultural understanding is a crucial element in our societies. I try to share the great experiences I had in Pullman—on both an academic and a personal level—in order to clear up some of the common misconceptions regarding cultural and sociopolitical life in the U.S.

Additionally, I have participated as a consultant in a number of social-impact assessment projects focused on Mayan communities. The economic growth in Yucatan has brought a series of problems related to land ownership and industrial development in rural areas. As an anthropologist, this represents an ample field of opportunities where one can put the biocultural perspective into action in order to acknowledge the voices of the local indigenous communities.

I am currently working on some articles related to political philosophy and the public engagement with science and technology in Mexico and Latin America.