Anthropology Graduate Organization News

AGO leadership is looking forward to the 2020–2021 school year. We have been working since summer to revamp the direction of AGO and amend the bylaws to provide more detailed guidance for future AGO officers. We see the vision of AGO as improving the well-being of the anthropology graduate students at WSU. This includes:

  • Keeping students informed about department activities, budget, and deadlines
  • Planning and facilitating both professional and social events
  • Improving camaraderie between graduate students and undergraduates

This semester we have already made great progress toward our goals by holding the first in a series of Careers in Anthropology talks, hosting a seminar on applying to graduate school for our undergrads, and distributing holiday gift bags for Halloween.

If you have any suggestions for helping us meet these goals, please let us know by contacting AGO president Darcy Bird or by anonymously submitting to the suggestions box on the AGO website.


President: Darcy Bird

Vice President: Jackie Rumberger

Treasurer: Kim Sheets

Secretary: Elliot Helmer