Recent & forthcoming publications

From medicalizing childbirth in Guatemala to tattooing in the Neolithic to choosing veterinary vaccines in Tanzania, WSU Anthropology faculty publish widely on a variety of important research topics. Below is a sampling of recent and forthcoming publications.

Aaron Blackwell

Anderson, A, Trumble, BC, Hove, C, Kraft, TS, Kaplan, H, Gurven, MD, Blackwell, AD

2019         Old friends and friendly fire: Pregnancy, hookworm infection, and anemia among tropical horticulturalists, American Journal of Human Biology, in press.

Hodges-Simeon, CR, Asif, S, Gurven, MD, Blackwell, AD, Gaulin, SJC

2019      Testosterone is positively and estradiol negatively associated with mucosal immunity in Amazonian adolescents. American Journal of Human Biology. e23284 DOI: 10.1002/ajhb.23284.

Martin, MA, Blackwell, AD, Kaplan, HS, Gurven, MD

2019      Differences in Tsimane children’s growth outcomes and associated determinants as estimated by WHO standards vs. within-population references. PLoS One, 14(4): e0214965 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0214965.

Gurven, MD, Trumble, B, Stieglitz, J, Cummings, D, Kaplan, H, Blackwell, AD, Yetish, G, Pontzer, H

2019      Methodological differences cannot explain associations between health, anthropometrics, and excess resting metabolic rate. American Journal of Physical Anthropology DOI: 10.1002/ajpa.23811.

Andrew Duff

Safi, KN, Duff, AI

2019        An Analysis of Three Pueblo II Period Great House Communities of the Southern Cibola Sub-Region. In Communities and Households in The Greater Southwest: New Perspectives and Case Studies, edited by Robert Stokes, pp. 278-298. University Press of Colorado, Louisville.

Jeannette Mageo

2019       Ambiguity as Dream Mentation: Super-masculinity and Ambivalence in American Dreams. Ethos 47(3).

2019       Mimesis and Developing Models of Self and Other. Culture and Psychology 25:195-219.

Sheriff, R, Mageo, J

2019       Young Americans’ Dreaming in the Specular Age. Ethos 47(2):129-147.

Courtney Meehan

Lane, AA, Mcguire, MK, McGuire, MA, Williams, JE, Lackey, KA, Hagen, EH, Kaul, A, Gindola, D, Gebeyehu, D, Flores, KE, Foster, JA, Sellen, DW, Kamau-Mbuthia, EW, Kamundia, EW, Mbugua, S, Moore, SE, Prentice, AM, Kvist, LJ, Otoo, GE, Rodríguez, JM, Ruiz, L, Pareja, RG, Bode, L, Price, WJ, Meehan, CL

2019        Household composition and the infant fecal microbiome: The INSPIRE study. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 169:526–539.

Lackey, KA, Williams, JE, Meehan, CL, Zachek, JA, Benda, ED, Price, WJ, Foster, JA, Sellen, DW, Kamau-Mbuthia, EW, Kamundia, EW, Mbugua, S, Moore, SE, Prentice, AM, K., DB, Kvist, LJ, Otoo, GE, García-Carral, C, Jiménez, E, Ruiz, L, Rodríguez, JM, Pareja, RG, Bode, L, McGuire, MA, McGuire, MK

2019       What’s Normal? Microbiomes in Human Milk and Infant Feces Are Related to Each Other But Vary Geographically: The INSPIRE Study. Frontiers in Nutrition, 6:45. doi: 10.3389/fnut.2019.00045.

Anne Pisor

Pisor, AC, Surbeck, M

2019      Tolerance in intergroup encounters: Payoffs and plasticity in non-human primates and humans. Evolutionary Anthropology 28(4), 210–223. doi:10.1002/evan.21793.

Luke Premo

Premo, LS, Brown, JR

2019      The opportunity cost of walking away in the spatial iterated prisoner’s dilemma. Theoretical Population Biology 127:40-48.

Marsha Quinlan

Campbell, ZA, Thumbi, SM, Marsh, TL, Quinlan, MB,  Shirima, GM, Palmer, GH

2019        Why Isn’t Everyone Using the Thermotolerant Vaccine? Preferences for Newcastle Disease Vaccines by Chicken-Owning Households in Tanzania: Choice between Similar Veterinary Vaccines. PLoS One 4(8):e0220963.

Thiel, AM, Quinlan, MB

2019        Review: Midwives and Mothers: The Medicalization of Childbirth on a Guatemalan Plantation by Sheila Cosminsky. 2016. Volume 43. University of Texas Press, Austin. xii + 303 pp. Ethnobiology Letters 10(1):14-15.

Caudell, MA, Mair, C, Subbiah, M, Matthews, L, Quinlan, RJ, Quinlan, MB, Zadoks, R, Keyyu J, Call, DR

2018         Identification of Risk Factors Associated with Carriage of Resistant Escherichia coli in Three Culturally Diverse Ethnic Groups in Tanzania: A Biological and Socioeconomic Analysis. Lancet Planetary Health 2: e489–97.

Ross, CT, Borgerhoff, MM, Oh, SY, Bowles, S, Beheim, B, Bunce, J, Caudell, M, Clark, G, Colleran, H, Cortez, C, Draper, P, Greaves, RD, Gurven, M, Headland, T, Headland, J, Hill, K, Hewlett, B, Kaplan, HS, Koster, J, Kramer, K, Marlowe, F, McElreath, R, Nolin, D, Quinlan, M, Quinlan, R, Revilla-Minaya, C, Scelza, B, Schacht, R, Shenk, M, Uehara, R, Voland, E, Willführ, K, Winterhalder, B, Ziker, J

2018        Greater Wealth Inequality, Less Polygyny: Rethinking the Polygyny Threshold Model. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 15(144):20180035.

Shannon Tushingham

2019      Southern Pacific Northwest Coast Plank House Villages: Evolution and Expansion Within a Landscape of Ordered Anarchy. Cowboy Ecology: Essays in Honor of R.L Bettinger. Center for Archaeological Research at Davis Monograph 19.

Tushingham, S, Hopt, J, Christiansen, C, Bommelyn, L, Green, J, Peterson, M, Steinruck, S, Stewart, C

2019      In the Footsteps of Amelia Brown: Collaborative Historical Ecology at Shin-yvslh-sri~, a Tolowa Village on the North Coast of California. Journal of Coastal and Island Archaeology. 14(1).

Fulkerson, T, Tushingham, S

2019      Who dominates the discourses of the past? Gender, occupational affiliation, and multivocality in North American archaeology publishing. American Antiquity 84(3):379-399.

Fulkerson, T, Tushingham, S

2019      Writing and Publishing in Anthropology: Voices, Insights, and Disciplinary Trends. Journal of Northwest Anthropology 53(1).

Gillreath-Brown, A, Deter-Wolf, A, Adams, KR, Lynch-Holm, V, Fulgham, S, Tushingham S, Lipe WD, Matson, RG

2019      Rise of Tattooing in the Neolithic Demographic Transition: A 2000-year-old Tattoo tool from Utah. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports.

Stapp, D, Longenecker, JG, Fulkerson, TJ, and Tushingham, S (Editors)

2019      Why Don’t We Write More? Essays On Writing and Publishing Anthropological Research. JONA special reprint. Northwest Anthropology, Richland, Washington.