Recent Graduates

Fall 2017

Snively-Martinez, Amy E.; 2017, Ph.D., Chair: Marsha Quinlan
Family Poultry Systems on the Southern Pacific Coast of Guatemala: Livelihoods, Ethnoveterinary Medicine and Healthcare Decision Making

Sulfaro-Menconi, Angela M.; 2017, Ph.D., Chair: Nancy McKee
Survival and Dreams: Lives of LGBTQ Homeless Youth in Los Angeles

Szymanski, Ryan M.; 2017, Ph.D., Chair: Andrew Duff
Detection of Anthropogenic Environmental Impacts in Holocene East Africa: Microbotanical and Fungal Proxy Evidence

Thiel, Amanda M.; 2017, M.A., Chair: Marsha Quinlan
Variation in Cultivation of Medicinal Plants in Guatemalan Q’Eqchi’ Maya Homegardens

Spring 2018

Coco, Brooke A.; 2018, M.A., Chair: Jeannette Mageo
National Exclusion of Andean Afros in Ecuador

Damitio, William J.; 2018, M.A., Chair: Shannon Tushingham
Pipes and Smoking in Precontact Pacific Northwest Societies

Fisher, Philip R.; 2018, Ph.D., Chair: William Andrefsky
Understanding Culture History Using Topographic Morphometrics of Lithic Projectile Points: Paleoindian Case Studies from the Great Plains and Northern Alaska

Frierson, Andrew G.; 2018, M.A., Chair: Shannon Tushingham
Occupational History and Land Use at Rock Creek Shelter (35LK22), Southeastern Oregon

Harpel, Whittaker W.; 2018, Ph.D., Chair: Clare Wilkinson-Weber
Strangers in a Strange Land: Living History and Tradition in the Lives of Arab-Americans

Harris, Kathryn A.; 2018, Ph.D., Chair: William Andrefsky
Lithics and the Late Prehistoric: Interaction on the Southern Columbia Plateau

James, Nathaniel F.; 2018, M.A., Chair: Steven Weber
Agricultural Labor and Taphonomy at the Indus Site of Harappa

Medinaceli, Armando; 2018, Ph.D., Chair: Robert Quinlan
Ethnobiological Collaboration with Two Societies of the Latin American Tropics

Summer 2018

Bush, Dominc; 2018, M.A., Chair: Erin Thornton
Animal Use at the Last Maya Kingdom: A Preliminary Analysis of the Faunal Record from Flores, Guatemala

Lane, Avery A.; 2018, M.A., Chair: Courtney Meehan
Household Composition and the Infant Fecal Microbiome: A Cross-Cultural Study