Anna Jordan selected to receive Dissertation Fellowship Award

Anna Jordan.

The WSU Graduate School awarded Anna Jordan, a graduate student with the Department of Anthropology, with a Dissertation Fellowship Award.  She was one of three doctoral candidates selected.

The nine-month fellowship provides the candidates with financial support to complete their dissertation uninterrupted. 

Jordan is pursuing her doctoral degree in cultural anthropology, focusing on exploring psychological anthropology, as it relates to post-imprisonment life.

“It is a wonderful honor to be selected as a recipient,” she said. “I am deeply grateful for the support and recognition of what I believe is important research.”

Jordan’s dissertation delves into the everyday experiences of formerly incarcerated adults living in Los Angeles. Her goal is to explore and understand ethical dilemmas rooted in post-prison life as they pertain to a changing political and social environment.

“In a cultural moment where addressing longstanding issues of inequality, underrepresentation, and oppression is ever more important, I hope my work can help to diversify anthropological theory and contribute to a more nuanced understanding of life after imprisonment,” she said.

Jeannette Mageo, professor of anthropology, was Jordan’s dissertation chair. Mageo, who died unexpectedly in February 2023, said Jordan’s love of the theory, her initiative, and her concern for her subject population are distinctive characteristics of her dissertation research.